Manufacturing Update ... It's almost here!

Hi everyone! A lot has happened since my last post. The Coronavirus pandemic affected the factory’s lead times at the beginning, but once they were able to start, the work at the factory in China has gone ahead normally, even as our lives in North America have been greatly disrupted. Calling it a disruption sounds too easy, but without getting into details---  I hope everyone reading this is safe and healthy, and that the most important people, and other parts of your lives, are intact.

The peanut butter pump is almost done! The design of tooling was mostly finalized in March, and with a few tiny adjustments in April, tooling began. That means the molds, blocks of specially hardened steel, are being sculpted by CNC machines into shapes that allow liquid plastic to be formed into the solid shapes that together make a customized and sleek-looking peanut butter pump. Once that is done, we do a few shots (of plastic into the molds) for quality control.

A shipping date can’t be announced until I have the items in my hand, to verify the quality and function. That day is coming soon, hopefully within the next 2 weeks, but it hasn't happened yet. Normally I'd be physically at the factory in China to double-check everything, and to thank the engineers and workers as the production line starts, but that’s impossible today.

A lot of you know that this project started on Indiegogo, and have been following the project there. To see the history of past progress updates, feel free to click this link for the progress page, or this link for questions and comments that others have posted. Eventually this page will have the same functionality, but it’s not in place yet. And if you have questions or want to reach out to me directly, please feel free to write me at Some have written using the listed addresses without getting a response, and I apologize: issues with the other email accounts will be sorted eventually, but in the meantime the address above has been more reliable, so for now please use it first.

That’s it today! A ship date will be announced soon! Thanks for checking in to read this, and thanks for your support!