NutterNado FAQs

Creamy or Crunchy? 

Yes! NutterNado will mix crunchy and creamy peanut butter; the choice is yours.

Can I make my own specialty flavors?

Yes! Flavored and spiced peanut butters are more popular than ever, and the NutterNado is a great way to make your regular peanut butter into a special treat, whether it’s Cinnamon-Raisin, Chocolate Chips, or other exotic flavor combinations.

Other nut butters?

NutterNado can easily mix Almond, Cashew and many other nut butters … even Tahini! Feel free to share your favorites with us!

Refrigerated Nut Butters?

You don't have to store PB in the 'fridge, but if you do, NutterNado is strong enough to mix for separated peanut butter even when it's been refrigerated. We recommend leaving it at room temperature so that it's always easy to spread. See next question, “Does peanut butter need to be refrigerated?”

Does peanut butter need to be refrigerated?

Not at all. Natural peanut butter generally consists of roasted peanuts, peanut oil, and then usually a bit of salt or sugar. None of those require refrigeration separately, and they don't require refrigeration when mixed together either. Peanut oil outlasts most vegetable oils (sesame, safflower, corn, etc.) and even rivals the shelf life of olive oil! All consumable oils will eventually go rancid with sufficient time and exposure to oxygen (so you should keep them in enclosed containers), but the only reason to refrigerate peanut butter is to delay oil separation. By making it easy to mix, the NutterNado solves that problem, so your PB should always be smooth and easy to spread!

Can’t I just use an immersion blender or kitchen mixer?

Of course you can. But those tools are designed for different jobs: they will often splash peanut oil and are difficult to clean. The NutterNado is the ideal mix of high strength at the right speed, with a unique mixing blade design that is always easy to clean and won't waste your product.

How is it powered?

NutterNado uses 4 AA batteries.

Is what I see exactly what I’ll get?

Not exactly, but very close. You are seeing a demonstration prototype. The manufactured vHow is it powered?ersion will have a similar look and feel, but will function better with a precise design for manufacturing.

When will it ship?

We are planning to ship between George Washington Carver's birthday (observed Jan 6th) and USA's National Peanut Butter Day (Jan 24th). But we'll ship sooner if we can.

How do you clean peanut butter stuck on clothing and carpets?

Sorry … no idea! Wine and beet juice have their solutions, but Google, Alexa and Siri all failed to produce that “one secret trick” that works for peanut butter. (The best we found was "boiling oil" ... maybe it works, but no thank you.) If you can do better, please let us know.