About the Inventor:

Andy Scherer lives in Southern California where they grow nearly everything but peanuts. From a corporate career in financial services, he has discovered that working for peanuts is better than it sounds, and more fun than currency exchange. He is a single dad to 3 grown-up boys, and enjoys bicycles, motorcycles, all things peanut butter, and good weather. He is thankful to God, to his supportive family, to America's peanut farmers, shellers and producers; and to the innovators that gave us the peanut butter we enjoy today, beginning with George Washington Carver and carried forward by the Kellogg Bros., George Bayles, Joseph Rosenfield and many others.

About the Peanut Butter Pump:

The Peanut Butter Pump was invented in 2017, after the inventor found himself with time on his hands, a hankering for PB&J and some very soft bread. When his kids were small and he sent them to school with the traditional PB & J, he often thought that a pump for peanut butter would make his mornings easier, but between their homework and his job, there was no time to tinker with the idea. With the kids mostly grown up, and recently laid off from a corporate job, the time had come.

It was a messy adventure. Sometimes the mess was in the garage, sometimes in the kitchen. But finally, many sandwiches later … Eureka! It worked! Sticky peanut butter and soft bread, together at last, and better than ever.