Peanut Butter Pump FAQ's



Yes! The pump works on crunchy. The inventor prefers crunchy on his sandwiches, so that was a must-have feature.

Jelly? Almond Butter? Nutella? Other stuff?

The peanut butter pump has only been tested with peanut and almond butters. It should work on many similar products, but to work properly the container must match the airlock and the included lid. Someday we’ll have a “does it pump it?” section to list all the great ideas people have. 

Will it work on any size jar?

No; the pump will fit 40-oz and 48-oz containers similar to those displayed in the photos. Future versions will be available for other size containers. Please do not place an order if you buy smaller containers; the pump will not fit. 

Can I use it for Measuring?

A full stroke currently is set at 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. 


Normal pumps are a challenge to clean at the best of times. That’s why every prototype was cleaned at least after every jar. This led to many changes specifically for cleanability, such as simple-to-remove valves, and quick disassembly to provide straight tubes for easy cleaning. Plus all parts will be dishwasher safe.


Product is wasted in many ways: on the sides of the jars when it is finished; on knives or spoons each time they are used, etc. The pump helps control and prevent waste from those sources, but will also leave some product inside the pump. We believe it will reduce product waste overall, but it will depend on individual use. 


Once installed, the pump should stay on the jar until empty. With the nozzle capped, your peanut butter is protected from the outside just like a closed lid on a jar without the pump. It can be stored with the handle in the upper position or locked in the down position for a more compact profile. Virtually all peanut butter may be stored at room temperature. Unless the jar displays “refrigerate after opening” it should be stored at room temperature. 

Will it help my restaurant comply with allergen-control protocols?

The pump reduces surface contact in all areas of preparation, serving and cleanup, thereby lowering the risk of cross-contamination as compared to the use of traditional knives, spatulas and spoons. However, you should check with your local regulator to be certain.

How do you clean peanut butter stuck on clothing and carpets?

Sorry … no idea! Believe us, we wish we had that “one secret trick” that works. If you know one that works reliably, please let us know.

“Natural-Style” Peanut Butter?

If the product is stabilized, or labeled as “no-stir,” the pump will work. It is not recommended for products where the oil separates. To make your natural peanut butter more convenient, check out the NutterNado.

Refrigerated Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter should be stored at room temperature. The pump is designed to work at room temperature, and will not work properly if refrigerated, or applied to refrigerated or frozen peanut butter.

Is that normal peanut butter in your videos?

Yes, it is store-bought national-brand peanut butter. In fact, that’s the whole point of the pump, and why the pump is so cool.


Easier than you’d think. Normal pumps are a challenge to clean, and peanut butter is always a challenge even on a flat surface. That’s why every version was cleaned multiple times during the testing process. This led to many design changes specifically for cleanability, such as quick disassembly to provide straight tubes for easy cleaning, and easy-to-remove valves. Plus all parts will be dishwasher safe. 

Aren't there other pumps on the market that say they pump peanut butter?

Yes, there are. Most are designed for a more liquid “peanut butter sauce.” Some of them are strong enough to successfully pump peanut butter, but without the airlock cannot dispense consistently and reliably. No other pump has the patented features like the sliding airlock to produce consistent flow from standard retail containers. That’s what makes this pump unique, in addition to the easier cleaning features. 

Is what I see exactly what I’ll get?

Not exactly, what you see here or on the Shark Tank show is a prototype. The manufactured version will have a similar look, but will function better with a precise design for manufacturing.

When will it ship?

We are planning to ship between George Washington Carver's birthday (observed Jan 6th) and USA's National Peanut Butter Day (Jan 24th). But we'll ship sooner if we can.