Peanut Butter Pump
Peanut Butter Pump
Peanut Butter Pump
Peanut Butter Pump
Peanut Butter Pump
Peanut Butter Pump
Peanut Butter Pump
Peanut Butter Pump
Peanut Butter Pump
Peanut Butter Pump

Peanut Butter Pump

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As seen on ABC's Shark Tank

**This item is currently on PREORDER only. The estimated shipping date of this product is 3/15/2020.

Love peanut butter but hate it when your bread rips under your knife?

Tired of getting out the knife and scraping the jar?

Does peanut butter time always mean a mess, especially with kids?

Need exact measurements for consistent baking and recipes?

The Peanut Butter Pump is your Perfect Solution!

Save time and say good-bye to the clean-up, with the ultimate kitchen tool for your favorite nut butters. So convenient, it makes all your snacks, smoothies and sandwiches easier than ever!

  • Use on different kinds of nut butters - even crunchy peanut butter!
  • Many features specifically designed for easy cleaning.
  • Mechanism scrapes sides of the jar as you use it to get the most peanut butter you can!

The Peanut Butter Pump a great way to get the exact amount of peanut butter you need for sandwiches, smoothies, cookies, and hundreds more recipes, without the hassle of cleaning spoons or measuring cups.

Busy restaurants and cafeterias will love the Peanut Butter Pump!

  • No need to remove a lid or get out the measuring cups to cook. Simply pump and go without any additional utensils and mess.
  • The Peanut Butter Pump also reduces waste by scraping the sides of the jar for you, so you get as much peanut butter as possible. Perfect for a self-service area in a hotel or cafeteria.
  • Each pump is measured for perfect portion control and consistent recipes.
  • Helps keep a kitchen allergy safe by not contaminating different utensils
  • Foodsafe components throughout:
  • Food-grade silicone rubber inner valves
  • Food-grade silicone rubber dispensing valves and caps
  • Food-grade plastic tubes
  • Food-grade stainless-steel spring


How It Works:

  • Use the Sandwich Nozzle (aka Ribbon Nozzle) for making a sandwich in your desired thickness
  • Use the Stream Nozzle for recipes
  • Move quickly for regular thickness, or go more slowly for a thicker layer
  • Each pump dispenses a fixed amount, so you can measure accurately every time
  • Measurements are marked on the pump shaft to make food prep a breeze
  • Special valves won’t stick or clog in the open position


Patented Technology:

The Peanut Butter Pump features a Sliding Airlock Mechanism to ensure the perfect pump every time.

Our patent-pending device works by suction, pulling the airlock downward. The mechanism locks out the air, ensuring a good pump all the way to the end of the jar.




Yes! It works with standard Peanut Butter jars. We made the Peanut Butter Pump to work with most 40 ounce containers on the market, so you won’t need to switch brands to use it.

Yes! It works on crunchy peanut butter, almond butter, and more. It should only be used for stabilized peanut butter. Varieties where the oil separates, like Laura Scudder's or Adams,  shouldn't be used.